• Why Choose Us

Home Health from Lincoln Home Health Care offers wonderful benefits to families and clients who choose the care alternative to suffice their needs for professional services. The stretch of programs available not only provides answers to the most unique needs but also offers a wealth of options for independence, comfort, and more.

To give you varied reasons to choose home health care from Lincoln Home Health Care for your loved one’s care placement, here are the most proven benefits and documented proof of the Lincoln Home Health Care trademark of excellence:

  • Affordable, cost-effective, and very flexible. Most of our home health services are covered by federal-funded Medicare and we accept all payment options – cash, credit, HMOs and checks. And because home health care is patient-directed, clients have a say about the pace of services, when they will be required, and the hours they shall be procured although recommendations will be routed and constant monitoring is done to provide all-around patient check.
  • One-on-one personal patient care. Every requirement of the patient is directly and promptly responded to. Direction is aptly given based on the client’s needs profile, and caregivers and patients build lasting friendship, which is vital for the success of every care service.
  • Compassionate caregivers. All of our caregivers are carefully background checked upon entry. Every employee undergoes a strict and rigorous hiring process, a series of interviews and personalized assessment to ensure each of them meets our clients’ needs not just for competence but for genuine service.
  • 24/7 availability. We accommodates all service request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round including the holidays. Our customer service staff are always available to address any concerns at any time of your convenience.
  • Trusted and experienced. We are established by professionals and managed by professionals. We understand the demands required of a competent home health care professional from years of direct experience. Together, our portfolio has grown to encompass persistently-growing client needs in the context of excellence as continuously commended by every client we provide care for. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Lincoln Home Health Care care coverage of services. We always see to it to not fall short of what is required of us. As much as possible, achieving more of what is expected is ideal and has never failed to receive positive feedback. Our home health care coverage is extensive, catering to simple meal planning and conversation to coordination of social services, efficient referrals system, and disease management programs – multiple services to choose from so you won’t have to ask help from different care providers.
  • And most of all, our gift of independence. Our highly-able professionals are trained to provide care that doesn’t lead to absolute reliance but instead, liberation and independence, helping them obtain the skills they need to enjoy their lives doing the things they love with the people they care for. Our presence signifies the familiar reassurance of having someone to lean on when you need them the most. Our gift is assistance rather than dependence. We offer respect, and treat each one of our clients with utmost dignity, patience, and understanding. Our gift is love and compassion.

Cherish the joys of life with care delivered within the comforts of home. Contact us today to get started.