• Orthopaedics

Lincoln Home Health Care takes a step further in offering comprehensive, deliberate, and reliable Orthopaedic diagnostics and rehabilitative services to our Orthopaedic clients. We are invested in professional know-how and expertise in the provision of quality care using a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, maintenance, and rehabilitation.

Get back the freedom and independence you deserve. Our professionals can help you with orthopedic home health care designed to improve your physio-muscultory health, mobility, balance, strength, and overall physical function for an active life.

Our services are inclusive of:

  • Lincoln Home Health Care Skills Evaluation and Condition Assessment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Community Support Services

The focus of our care extends to:

  • Work Simplification
  • Home Safety Evaluation
  • Patient Education and Recovery Assessment
  • Home Management Assistance
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Etc.

Learn more about the Orthopaedic benefits from Lincoln Home Health Care today. Contact us for inquiries.